CORPORATE INCOME TAX: We assist our corporate clients in their corporate tax planning and tax compliances through proper tax planning, not to avoid any taxes and comply law of land . As a proactive professional firm founded on ethical standard , we advise our client for their long term gain and do not advise anything just for short term gain of clients and lending them in big trouble unnecessary litigation.
Services offered
  1. Corporate tax consultants - planning and compliances.
  2. Tax Audit under Income Tax Act.
  3. Advance tax computations.
  4. Corporate tax returns e-filings in India- We prepare and file with authority all tax returns for corporate in India.
  5. Representation before tax authorities.
  6. Litigation Services , preparation and filing of appeals.
  7. Withholding Taxes consultants ,Issue of Form 16 A, Form 16 and filing of quarterly TDS returns.
  8. Service tax Consultants.
  1. Advisory services for maximizing deductions / rebates / exemptions under the tax laws.
  2. Personal investment strategy for optimum tax efficiency.
  3. Salary structuring to maximize tax benefits.
  4. Filing of tax returns.
  5. Representation before tax authorities.
  1. Obtaining initial registrations.
  2. Filing / checking of periodical returns and remittance of taxes.
  3. Minimization of tax exposure and proper accounting of input VAT
  4. Training of staff in VAT, central sales tax, and record keeping.
  5. Assist in compliance of procedures and availing Forms like C,F,H online.
  6. Assistance during assessments.
  7. Litigation services involving strategy, preparation and filing of appeals and representation before the authorities.
  8. Advisory services in relation to the MVAT legislation.
  9. Assistance for MVAT audit and compliances.
  1. Ascertain applicability of tax laws based on the operational activities.
  2. Assistance in Registration.
  3. Assistance in preparation and filing of Periodic Returns.
  4. Providing Updates on significant changes in law.
  5. Providing clarifications and opinions as and when required.
  6. Conducting introductory and advanced training to acquaint client's staff.
  7. Assistance for Amendment/ Surrender of Registration.
  8. Tax Representation before Authorities.
  9. Appellate / Legal Services.
  10. Advise on Maintenance of records.
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